Ted Woo
General Manager

Originally from San Francisco, Ted moved to Boston in 2010 to attend the Boston University School of Law.  Ultimately uninspired by a prospective legal career, Ted turned to restaurants, as he had done in the past, this time with the goal to one day open his own.

Ted began his journey with the Barbara Lynch Collective in the summer of 2014 as an assistant manager at B&G Oysters and The Butcher Shop, though his love for food was awoken much earlier by his family’s home cooking. Ted's grandmother was the central influence on his family’s passion for food, often blending Japanese, Chinese, and western styles of cooking. Likewise, his grandfather, who once traded a piano for two cans of coffee, encouraged Ted's family to be open-­minded about new foods and flavors.

When Ted began to read, his first memories were of menus.  At the age of 12, he began washing dishes at his uncle’s Chinese restaurant during summers in Kobe, Japan.  From there, he worked in restaurants on and off until finally making the decision to become a career hospitalitarian.  Determined to learn the operations side of the business, Ted joined the Barbara Lynch Collective. Ted’s logical approach to problem-solving, and knack for creating a good rapport between the front and back of house have ensured his quick ascent to General Manager at B&G Oysters.

In his role as General Manager, Ted enjoys improving efficiency of operations, mentoring the B&G staff, and loves imparting his passion for providing delicious food and warm hospitality to each guest. Outside of work, you’ll find Ted with his dog Cleo, or traveling to eat, cook, and learn. He and Chef de Cuisine, Jon Awerman traveled together in 2016 to Japan, then taught a class at sister property, Stir, based on their experience!