Praise for B&G Oysters

Food & Wine Magazine, “America’s Best Oyster Bars,” 2013

“At [Lynch’s] chic oyster bar, there are always a dozen daily-changing varieties on offer, all served with an ingenious Prosecco mignonette. Lynch also created some of the most creative lobster dishes in this crustacean-mad city, such as the BLT with lobster, and the chive-and-celery-studded lobster roll.”

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Improper Bostonian, “Boston’s Best,” 2012 Best Raw Bar

Serious Eats, “A Sandwich a Day: Lobster BLT”

“If you’re gonna mess with two perfect concepts—lobster rolls and BLTs—this is the way to do it. Barbara Lynch’s B.L.T. with Lobster ($28), a charter-menu classic at her chic South End raw bar, is one of those rare dishes that actually makes the concept of ‘fusion’ seem appealing. Shucked lobster meat (cooked until perfect firm-tender doneness, of course) is heaped between slices of crusty ciabatta, along with crisp bacon, ripe red tomato slices, torn romaine, and a healthy slather of lemon juice-spiked Hellmann’s. Oh, and the bread and butter chips, slaw, and hand-cut fries are top-notch, too."

Improper Bostonian, “Boston’s Best,” July 2011

Best Lobster Roll The Boston Globe, “Ocean’s Seven,” July 2011

BLT with Lobster – “It’s like a lobster roll, only porkier — and a variation we wholeheartedly endorse. B&G chef Stephen Oxaal gets his lobsters from two sources: Constitution Seafoods in Boston — which features New England lobster — and Snappy Lobster Delivery, an über-local indie operation run by two Scituate residents who catch and deliver their own lobsters. Oxaal piles the meat high on a crusty French baguette with thick bacon, cool lettuce, ripe tomato slices, and tangy lemon-pepper aioli.”

Improper Bostonian, “Boston’s Best,” July 2010 Best Clam Chowder

Yankee Magazine, “Best Seafood,” June 2010

“This sophisticated South End eatery, with its wonderful marble bar and high-top tables crowded with plates of Nantucket bay scallops crudo and moules frites, is a gleaming ode to traditional Boston seafood dishes, taken up a notch.”

The Boston Globe, “Something fishy’s always going on”, November 2009
“Each day this azure-colored ode to oysters in the South End features 12 varieties of bivalves…all delivered fresh that morning. Clams and easily 100 lobsters also arrive daily to become the restaurant’s signature mayo-dressed lobster roll, golden fried clams, and lobster BLT.”

Boston Magazine, “Best of Boston,” July 2009 Best Fried Oysters & Best Al Fresco Dining

The Improper Bostonian, “Boston’s Best,” June 2009 “Best Lobster Roll”

“As far as I’m concerned, the best [lobster roll] does not require a tank’s worth of gas to drive to Cape Cod or Maine. Right in the South End of our fair city, B&G Oysters serves up their superior succulent spin on the classic dish.” — Metro Boston, June 2009

“…hit B&G Oysters, [Barbara] Lynch’s ‘seafood shack,’ where everyone seems to order the same thing: a plate of raw oysters and a lobster roll. Trust the wisdom of the crowds…Food doesn’t get any simpler or more succulent.” - Town & Country Travel, Winter 2008

The Improper Bostonian, “Boston’s Best: Best Raw Bar,” 2008

“…Lynch casts her net deep into Mediterranean waters for Portuguese-style clam stew and ocean perch bouillabaisse, but the real pearls are sitting on ice at the wrap-around bar. Her team of bivalve buffs shuck through the shop’s lengthy list of oysters—some 200 varieties, with 12 to 15 available on any given day… staffers will sound off with wine-speak like “terroir” and “mineral finish” to help you navigate.”

Boston Magazine, “The Best of Boston: Best Seafood”, 2008

“Maybe it’s the two dozen varieties of oysters talking, but we’ve fallen hard for B&G. Barbara Lynch’s imaginative takes on the standards—a lobster roll lined with bacon, Portuguese clam stew accented with pork belly—pair seamlessly with an ever changing menu of flounced-up yellowfin, sole, perch, and halibut. Wash it all down with one of 40 wines on offer and you too, will feel a wave of affection coming on.”

“In summer, the seafaring arm of the No.9 Group’s, uh, octopus expands its dining room to the patio, which seems more like a friend’s cozy garden-level walkout than a restaurant’s. Except that the friend is Barbara Lynch’s competent crew, and the fare includes expertly roasted salmon and crisp grü ner veltliners.” - Boston Magazine, July 2008

Boston Magazine, “Best of Boston: Best Seafood,” 2007

“If hyperfresh seafood is the sole requirement, Legal and McCormick can deliver the same still-quivering quality for a few clams less. It takes a hypertalented chef like B&G’s Barbara Lynch, however, to gussy it up with refined flavors and textures that accentuate without stealing the show. That intense focus on pristine ingredients is evident throughout the small, cleanly constructed menu. The cult-spawning lobster BLT is a study in restraint, and a sauteed halibut rings sweet above grassy artichoke, tangy tomato, and briny black-olive consommé.”

“B&G Oysters is the most stylish raw bar we’ve ever seen, offering a casual place to indulge in world class snacks, linger over wine and people watch…” - Boston Magazine, January 2004

“Few chefs are content to make their second act a pint-sized one, but such is the difference with Barbara Lynch of No. 9 Park. Long awaited, pint-sized and already-beloved is B&G Oysters…” -

“It’s no clam shack. B&Gs chic aesthetic evokes Nantucket, with polished gray wood and a wraparound mosaic counter that encloses a gleaming kitchen. The wine list—by No. 9 Park’s Cat Silirie is cutting-edge cool. Service is smart, friendly and attentive…” - Mat Schaffer, Boston Herald