Jon Awerman
Chef de Cuisine

Born and raised in and around Boston, Jon’s interest in food manifested itself from an early age, beginning with family dinners at his grandparents' house in the shadow of New York City.

His Grandmother, Irene, tended their garden that supplied much of the produce for elaborate holiday parties. She would also play sous chef to Jon’s Grandfather Jack, who over the course of his life, owned two diners and a cheese shop in and around Manhattan. Their modest reverence for food, warmth, and hospitality, would have a lasting impact.

After years of exploring various facets of visual art, Jon was drawn back into the kitchen by fond childhood memories, and enrolled into Le Cordon Bleu. Upon graduating with honors, he cooked his way to Sous Chef in local restaurants.

One year later, Jon and his fiancé left Boston for Lima, Peru, residing in the seaside district of Barranco. Days were spent in the markets trying to befriend vendors and shopkeepers cooking furiously on their two-burner propane stove, and taking classes to hone and expand his craft.

Upon returning to America, Jon became Sous Chef at B&G Oysters. Over the next one and a half years, he has flourished in their creative kitchen and cites this time as when he discovered his voice as a cook.  After a short stint as Chef de Cuisine at Drink, Jon has returned to helm B&G Oysters.